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About Our Project – How Much Is That Doggie?

June 3, 2011

Awwwe Mom, can we get one?? Please – O – Please!?? I promise I will take care of it, walk it, love it, clean up after it..PLEEEEZE?

Any parent who has heard this from their child knows that feeling of wanting to please them by bringing a new puppy home for the family. So, the decision is made, quickly following those two sweet eyes looking up at you. A sweet little puppy, so helpless, small and playful, needing a home. So, with a new leash, a tag and a bag of puppy chow, it’s on the way home with you — for life. And many times that’s exactly what we DON’T realize, our pets are for life.


We pamper them! We bring them wherever we go! We celebrate their birthday. We hang a stocking at Christmas with their name on it. They are our pets – family!

According to a 2011 National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 72.9 millions homes!

In 2011 it is estimated 51 billion dollars will be spent on pet industry products! That’s right, just the products alone!!

Most dog adoptions range from $100 to thousands, depending on the breed.

Here’s the thing…

With today’s unstable economy, prices rising and the job market tightening we are all watching our budgets and for many of us a portion of the household budget is attributed to pet expenses. Economic hard times affect our furry friends too. An unexpected illness or injury could lead to veterinary bills in the thousands of dollars, leaving you struggling to find a way to pay them. Recessions come and go, but our pets are for life. As pet owners lose jobs and homes, many pets find themselves in shelters or worse, abandoned in forclosed homes.

Pet ownership is wonderful, and even reduces stress, don’t get me wrong!

The purpose of our project is to bring awareness to the IMMEDIATE, FUTURE and unexpected costs of owning a pet so PEOPLE THINK FIRST BEFORE THEY ADOPT!

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